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Do you feel confused at the first time you hear the name Freedom with Writing? You are not alone. But no need to worry. In this page, you will read a comprehensive review about everything related to Freedom with Writing, how this company actually works, and most importantly why it can be considered as a scam?

Freedom with Writing is a free access website of a magazine which is designed for a freelance writer. Basically, they will give you coverage of corporations with writing job from freelancer and the other distinct related articles which help you in certain specific topics of articles.

But, it does not mean this practice is free from the odd thing. There is a noticeable review from the member of Freedom with Writing who says s/he has joined the member for at least three months. In the period of time, s/he has expected to receive at least a recommendation in each email s/he gotten which s/he needs to pay a certain amount of money. Due to their service for this reviewer, of course, makes sense if they will get profit from the money s/he paid off. The problem comes when the reviewer didn’t get anything, no affiliate link inside any materials that have been given.

why it can be considered as a scam?

Whereas, the crystal clear information has been given to all of the members or anyone who ask the contact person or customer service about what is Freedom with Writing. It has been obvious it has been anything related to chances of getting writing jobs.

Still confused? This is an easy example. For instance, Freedom with Writing publishes a paid chance with the book title “How The Secret Changes My Life” or “Chicken Soup for The Soul”. both of them are asking to submit on specific issues like how to be happy with less stuff you have. In this job posting, they are looking for personal stories related to how you simply feel happy and grateful even though you don’t have much money or other valuable stuff. If you submit your original story, then you will get a return for approximately 250 USD each article as a reward because the publishers use your story. Also, you will be sent copies of a book for more than 10 pieces where there is your story inside it.

The curiosity raised since we do not know how this company earns for profit. Probably it feels so amazing. But sometimes, if there is an opportunity in which the profit or reward is just overwhelmingly irrational.

it can raise doubt and negative impression.

Besides the example of a book, there is another example that is similar to the previous one. A job opportunity has been announced. It has been a work for 1600 words of review for a company’s website named Scripted. None of the single link you can find, only an affiliate link inside the whole page. If you want to know or dig more, you need to Google it.

With this weird profit system, you may think that the revenue of Freedom with Writing comes from the registration fee. It is very common rules for any new member of MLM company out there. You need to pay a certain amount of money to register your name and in exchange, you will get a starter kit, like guidance, in order to make you understand what you are supposed to do. Including tips and tricks which the claim makes you more successful in the future.

Different from the other MLM out there, you do not need to pay anything if you want to join Freedom with Writing. And you will not be bombarded by spam calls, spam email, or spam text. Otherwise, you will be sent a handout with the topic is about how to be an advanced writer.

55 pages of a free handout, who can deny this?

Do not be disappointed with this handout because it is an old version of writing 101, or to exact, this handout was printed in 2014. but of course, you still can get valuable information in there. Try to execute the tips and tricks there, you will be surprised how powerful it is to elevate your skill and gain more money.

Moving out from this peculiar registration process and the profit system, now take a look at their website. As everybody knows, website is one of the best ways to examine how good or how bad, and sometimes how trusted an online company is. Doing transactions online means that you have to trust in virtual images. That is why a website is the first place you will see.

The first impression of looking at Freedom with Writing’s website is plain.

Yes, freaking plain. Nevertheless, you simply can see an electronic magazine that can be delivered into your email account. Just in case you are very curious, you can find the archive website through a search engine and you will find something more than just an online magazine. Take an example, you will figure out that this business has been established since 1999. there are tons of information, waiting for you to be explored only if you want to do an extra effort.

Well, hopefully, you already get enough perspective about basic knowledge on how this company works. Now, we want to discuss more the mechanism for you to get paid.

To be really honest, the parties who will pay you are the companies that open job opportunities.

Not the Freedom with Writing itself. That is why it is really important for you to have an excellent impression and track record in front of your companies’ clients. And the list of companies is provided, recommended, and reviewed by Freedom with Writing. Although they serve you with potential clients, it is still your duty to find your own dream company or any party that you are willing to work with. It is all on your hand without any intervention from Freedom with Writing.

Even though they say they already review the job listed, but better for you to conduct your own analysis on each corporation or each job posting before you apply to one of them. It is a preventive action to avoid any unintended case, like the potential clients or targeted companies turn out are not really who they are on the online profile.

Be careful will never let you down.

Everything looks so promising, trusted, and genuine. But how come people accuse this money-making online opportunity as illegal and scam business practice?

Sadly, we have to admit that because of countless fraud money-making opportunities online, it makes us be extra careful (and sometimes put negative impression) into any advertising which guarantees, claim, or promises us to generate revenue through several types of digital or conventional way.

But objectively, it is hardly said that this is a scam because of this very genuine practice. The only thing worth pointing is because of their difference fro another money-making online.

In the very first place, the idea of making this website came from a keen writer.

Who was very authentically passionate about supporting many people. Who wished to be successful in the field of freelance content writing.

You will only get the whole information about this business when you already register your email. Once your account registered, then you will receive instant access into three new writing jobs. The jobs followed by the guidance which I already mentioned it before. Quite surprising and shocking, right? But it sounds promising and worth trying.

The more shocking fact is, so far, there is no bait or catch or intention in disguise detected. So you can breathe freely because you know it is not a trap.

At least until now.

After all this explanation, probably you already make a conclusion. Yes, you can consider this business practice as legal and not a scam at all.

But wait a minute. Please do not get confused and mistaken between the term of Freedom with Writing and Freedom Checks. Then, what is Freedom Checks?

Have you listened to the radio lately? If yes, you may hear a commercial break about Freedom Checks with the one who fills voice over is Jack or also well-known as Ricky from Banyan Hill.

In the advertisement, you have heard how it describes you how society across the US are holding their shares of approximately 34,5 billion USD payout, and the system is famous with the name Freedom Checks. The problem comes when many people think it is such a kind of government agenda while the truth is not.

Freedom Checks to write bias review?

Another suspicious thing is, you will find many positive reviews on Google every time you search this name. But, is it really? Or it just depictions from people who are paid by Freedom Checks to write bias review? It could be, but do not make any conclusion before scrolling and reading this review until it lasts.

About the doubtful reviews, yes you do not exaggerate any feeling to say that the reviews are a fraud. If you search the photos of the reviewer on Google image, then you will realize if these photos are taken from the internet. Meaning that it is not the real one. When you already find some of them are fake, you do not need to prove whether or not all of them are fake because it is a sign that this company does not have any good intention to you.

But, what is Freedom Checks actually?

The name comes from the economic strategy of investment. Through Master Limited Partnership, or well known as MLPs, clients will receive revenue on a monthly or quarterly year basis.

The MLP’s investment works through each purchased unit from a corporation and they will receive part of yield based depends on how well the performance of the corporation. Most of the corporations are related to mining, gas, and energy field.

Basically, this company works similarly to the typical business in the share market. Except for the fact that companies who want to become clients do not need to earn at least 90% from their earnings of natural resources inside the United States of America. The core value of Freedom Checks is they will prefer any company to be given revenue who invest their money to Freedom Checks instead of the government.

Turns out their business practice is way more complicated than it looks.

Because they do not really sell anything. Instead, they just build a connection to those who want to purchase a membership package to the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. The function of Freedom Checks is just as a platform where they can send the reports and then claim it as top five recommended MLPs. Quite a fraud since the very first place, right?

Some economic experts tend to say that Freedom Checks is not literally a fraud but rather a tricky and smart move to deliver marketing messages to make sure people want to buy or subscribe to their provided services. You still can earn extra money from this business, but only trough MLPs’ investment. Nonetheless, it is not as simple as mentioning your name, address, and any other contact into the website’s form.

Before you make a decision, you have to understand the risk of doing investment in this venture.

They are considered as highly expensive for you to get involved inside this mechanism. Compare with the chance you will get with this high-risk money-making, it does not seem equal in any way. It makes sense if only a few people that want to invest their money there.

In a nutshell, the whole business opportunity on joining Freedom Checks is just a commercial circle. You need to subscribe to a newsletter through your email and then they will tell you many things about MLPs specifically in oil and gas field.

And are you sure you willing to spend much money on extremely high-risk investments with a high-cost company only in MLPs? Because the whole thing about Freedom Checks is not merely about scam or legit, but whether or not it is worth your money. But in the end, the choice is yours.

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