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Are you looking for a Herbalife review? Talking about a business opportunity, you probably want to know whether Herbalife scam or it is just legitimate. Somehow, Herbalife is just another MLM company that offers a business opportunity, but you have no idea if it can give you big money or not. Well, it is vital if you find out about Herbalife scam or legit before you join this company. For some people, they may be familiar with Herbalife because this company is quite popular among people. Thus, let us check this Herbalife review for more information.

What is Herbalife?

Anyway, Herbalife is an MLM company that sells supplement products for a healthy life. They produce and sell so many kinds of wellness or supplement products in the form of milkshake and tablets. It specializes in nutrition, which is suitable for heart health, women’s health, men’s health, healthy aging, digestive health, immune health, and stress management. Herbalife is like many other supplement manufacturers that sell the right products despite there are still so many complaints about it. Check these following product details:

Firstly, for a healthy weight, the products consist of bars and protein shakes, multivitamins, and healthy nuts. The average price is about $30 per product.

Secondly, the unique nutritional that includes women’s health, heart health, children’s health, aging health, and digestive health.

Thirdly, the energy and fitness products that are formulated in the form of powder and pills.

Fourthly, the skin and hair care that includes creams, soaps, gets, and other skincare products in various types.

Those are some product categories that you can choose and buy. Each product has its price and function. For more information about their products, you can check on their official website.

Does Herbalife work?

Somehow, you hope that Herbalife products work, and the truth is not like that. Some so many people have consumed Herbalife products, but they only get side effects such as liver damage, nausea, and upset stomach. You may check these following bad comments about Herbalife products:


But, we cannot just say that Herbalife has terrible outcomes, but some people still give good comments about Herbalife products. You can even find some good Herbalife reviews from their lovely customers. We have no idea whether they are forced to say kind remarks or not. Perhaps, some of their products work well, but the other products may not work correctly. Or some people may get side effects after consuming it while the other users do not get any side effects. There are so many examples of adverse outcomes after consuming Herbalife. We do not know if it is suitable for you or not.

Is Herbalife an MLM?

In many countries, MLM is a kind of legitimate business opportunity because it also can make someone get successful. Somehow, it also depends on your location. So, it is essential to check if it is legitimate within your country or not.

When we talk about MLM, you should know how it works. Every MLM program always emphasizes on product promotions and sales along with member recruitment.  Herbalife itself has been running since many years ago, and they already have so many distributors all around the world. But, some people say that it is just an illegal pyramid scheme. Perhaps, you have your own opinion about it.

Today, Herbalife is still running in many countries from the Americas, Europe, Middles East, Asia Pacific, and others. We cannot say that Herbalife is an illegal pyramid scheme because this company sells the right products. In this case, everybody has the opportunity to join the MLM program and become its distributors.

How to make money with Herbalife?

The most important question to answer is “how to make money with Herbalife?”. Talking about a business opportunity, everybody actually may join Herbalife and join the global communal network, which is more than two million members and independent distributors. Since Herbalife is quite popular, some popular superstars like Christiano Ronaldo were also using Herbalife products to support his activity.

So, how exactly do you make money with Herbalife? There are a few ways to get profit by joining Herbalife business opportunity:

Firstly, you can try Trade Shares, but you need to have a lot of money, and you must be costly because you are about investing your money on Herbalife.

Secondly, you may become their independent distributors in which you will be your self-employed boss to recruit members and then sell their products to earn money. Then, you also have a right to get educational training in many ways, such as getting upline mentoring, attending events, getting hardcopy literature and soft copy, and much more.

Thirdly, you can be an affiliate partnership, but we do not have enough information about it and how it works.

Fourthly, if you want to make money with Herbalife Nutrition, you can join Herbalife and become their employee. In this case, you will get a fixed salary, and then you can also get a lot of benefits.

Is selling Herbalife profitable?

You do not sell only, but you also must earn some income. So, can you make money with Herbalife? When we talk about this issue, you probably will feel surprised by the shocking answer. Somehow, according to the Herbalife global statistic, there were about 86% of independent distributors who did not earn commissions by promoting their products to people.

You have a chance to earn a profit if you can sell 10 of Herbalife’s most popular products which are Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix at retail prices. In this case, you need to buy ten canisters that cost about $30.40 per products, including the discount as much as 25%. Meanwhile, when you sell each product, you will sell it at $39.90. So, you earn 5$ per product.

How to join Herbalife anyway?

Well, if you decide to join Herbalife business opportunity, you actually can choose one of the two choices, they are international business pack and super starter international business pack. The global business pack costs about $94.10, while the Super Starter global business pack is about $124.10.

Of course, when you buy these packs, you will get some benefits such as training and support, discount on Herbalife products, the ability to sponsor others.

Meanwhile, for the compensation plan details, you will get some profit options that you can earn such as retail profits to get 25% up to 50% of discount depending on your rank, daily wholesale profit to make profit from your downline sales, Monthly royal override to earn profit from uni-level compensation structure, Monthly production bonuses to get 7% of gifts, cash bonus for recruiting to make $500 when getting active world team, vacation for recruiting to get vacation bonus as a reward due to hiring people, and mark Hughes bonus to receive one percent of the entire enterprise annual income.

Though it looks so promising, you still have a lot of problems when joining Herbalife business opportunity. Somehow, you will always deal with recruiting members. Can you recruit members? This is the most challenging way to do in many MLM businesses.

What are the pros and cons of Herbalife?

When we talk about the MLM program, you should know the right things and the bad things about the company. As you want to join Herbalife company, you need to understand what makes people like it and what makes them hate it. Here are some pros and cons of Herbalife:

The Pros

What makes us like Herbalife? First of all, Herbalife is quite popular among the people, and we can find it everywhere. This company has been expanding to many foreign countries and earning its success. It is also quite popular because some superstars are using the products. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the superstars who use Herbalife. Moreover, Herbalife also has so many sponsorships to more than 100 world-class athletes. No wonder if Herbalife is very famous until today.

The Cons

Maybe, you only find a few good things about Herbalife, but you can even find a lot of bad things about it. For instance, the FTC has sued Herbalife due to its controversy related to its business opportunity. It is known that Herbalife is just a pyramid scheme. Until finally, Herbalife was asked to change its compensation plan structure. Herbalife is just the only company that gets its fortune after it got sued by FTC. FTC also sued similar companies like Visalus, LIFe Force Internation, and others, but they are not as lucky as Herbalife. As we know that when a company deals with a pyramid scheme, it means that you are required to recruit people more rather than selling their products.

Not only that, when you join Herbalife, you actually will not earn real money. The truth is that most of their distributors or approximately 92% of their distributors earn less than the minimum wage of %15. So, when you join Herbalife, you will be another person who will get nothing but wasting your time.

Besides, when we check their product prices, they are also costly. Instead of their wrong products, they also have high product prices. You can check their product prices on their official website. Then, you can give your opinions about the prices. You can imagine how much you will spend on buying Muscle Pharm Assault which costs about $21. Meanwhile, if you buy the Scivation Xtend, you have to pay it $29. So, you will approximately spend $2.7 per day for one month.

Another bad thing is that you will deal with recruitment if you want to make money. You may know that recruiting people is not that easy. Moreover, you also need to hold a seminar and invites some people to become your downlines. Nobody wants to join Herbalife until finally, they move to other places to run another workshop and so on. Thus, you will only waste your money on running the studio while you do not get anything.

Is Herbalife scam or legit?

This is the most critical question to answer if you want to know Herbalife scam or not. Well, we can say that Herbalife is genuinely legit and it belongs to an MLM company that has been running since many years ago to sell wellness and supplement products.

Just because it is legitimate and many superstars use the products, it does not mean that Herbalife is an excellent choice to earn good money. Why? The first reason is that Herbalife belongs to a pyramid scheme which is confirmed by FTC. In the settlement, Herbalife finally pays to avoid shutting down.

Next, there is a real body who can earn real money by Joining Herbalife MLM business. Why? It is all because Herbalife is still dealing with downline recruitment. Moreover, the statistic shows that there are about 90% of their distributors do not get paid after joining the program. It means that the chance to be successful with Herbalife is only 10%.

Then, most of the Herbalife products are quite expensive to afford. So, there is no chance to get profit from selling Herbalife products because some of the people may not want to buy the products due to the high prices.

In conclusion, that’s all about Herbalife review to know Herbalife scam or not. Somehow, the answer is legit, but it is not an excellent way to earn money. According to the explanation, you only have 10% to be successful with Herbalife. In this case, we do not recommend you to join Herbalife because there is no promise to become an affluent person with it. So, you can choose other business opportunities that have better income and away from recruitment. MLM is not a good business because you have to recruit people to get commissions. Also, when you join the market, you need to spend a lot of money to sign up for it. So, you have to think twice before you take the business opportunity.

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