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Welcome to our Kyani review. Perhaps, you are looking for information about MLM business in order to know Kyani scam or legit. Is Kyani scam or legit? Well, you probably find so many reviews about Kyani, but you do not get the answer because it is not clear yet. There are so many people who wonder how MLM business works and how can they earn money from it.

Somehow, if you want to know about the business opportunity offered by Kyani, you need to know the company first. It sounds unfamiliar but Kyani is quite popular among the people. So, let us find out if Kyani is a fake business or it is truly legitimate through this Kyani review.

What is Kyani?

The first question that we have to get the answer to this Kyani review is what actually Kyani is. Well, Kyani is a company that produces and sells health supplement products. it is just similar to many other supplement manufacturers like Herbalife, K-Link, and much more. It belongs to a direct sales company to promote and sell their products to the people.

This company was first launched by Dick Powell, Carl Taylor, and Kirk Hansen. it has been running since 2005, so you may not doubt it. Somehow, Kyani also offers a business opportunity to its customers who want to become their distributors or representatives. Distributors only need to sell Kyani products and make money. Or they can also join the MLM business to recruit people who want to become a part of the company.

In general, the business opportunity system is similar to many other MLM programs that require downline. Every member can buy Kyani products at retail prices and then they sell it to people at their own prices.

What does Kyani sell?

Before we go deeper to find  Kyani scam or not, you should first know what they actually produce and sell. As it is mentioned, they sell health supplements in various kinds. Basically, there are three main products that they sell as a triangle of health.

Firstly, It is a Kyani Sunrise that is formulated with premium ingredients. It is the Alaskan Blueberry which is known to be able to survive in a harsh environment and it is also considered as the best blueberry on earth compared to regular blueberries.

Secondly, you will also get the Kyani Sunset that is the part of the triangle of health which belongs to a gel capsule and is formulated from the Alaskan salmon as the main ingredient.

Thirdly, it is the Nitro family as the last product in the triangle of health which is formulated from special ingredients to boost nitric oxide levels in our body.

Those are three ultimate products which are known to be helpful to keep your body healthy despite there are so many complaints from their consumers. But, we actually do not focus on its product quality because we want to know how Kyani can really give a real profit in your pocket.

With Kyani, you may become their distributors and then you can recruit people so you can get passive income as long as your downlines conduct actions. In short, you can build your own network of distributors so you can increase your income.

Thus, we can conclude that Kyani is a true MLM business, so you should think twice before joining this program.

Is Kyani a Pyramid scheme?

We can notice a pyramid scheme of a business when it is dealing with downline and it has a pyramid structure in its profit system. We can say that Kyani is a pyramid scheme because it requires you to recruit people if you want to build your own network. In addition, you will also get a compensation plan if only you can recruit a lot of people to join Kyani which is basically a pyramid scheme system. In fact, a pyramid scheme is actually also used in many traditional companies, but it has a different system. We do not care about the pyramid scheme, but we only want to know how it can really give you a real income.

Somehow, when you think of a pyramid scheme in an MLM business, you basically think of losing your money. This is necessary because you will spend a lot of money at the first point, and then you lose your money. In an MLM business, you are required to recruit people to join the program and then you hope that your members also recruit other peoples, and so on. In this system, you are not focusing on product sales anymore because you only want to earn money as you build a network that will resemble a pyramid structure. On the other hand, you basically sell an opportunity rather than selling Kyani products.

about a pyramid scheme

In the end, now we clearly know that Kyani is a clear pyramid scheme, but it is not an illegal pyramid. If you want to know more about a pyramid scheme, you actually can check it on Wikipedia. It says that when you join an MLM business, you basically do not sell products, but you only sell some promises rather than selling the product itself.

You also have to realize that there are so many MLM companies that are considered legitimate and offering products, but the truth is that you can only get the products if you already sign up for the program and buy the products. The worse thing is that you actually do not buy a product, but you only buy a training program that will teach you how to promote and sell training programs to other people and the other people will also sell a training program too. It is a complicated issue, but it seems that it does not happen when you buy Kyani products.

If you want to use Kyani products, you actually do not need to sign up for Kyani. All you need to do is just buy it in a regular way. Moreover, Kyani also sells real products and it is known that it has no deal with a business opportunity.

We realize that most of the people do not like MLM business, but it does not mean that MLM is a bad business opportunity. In fact, if you do it properly, you can truly make money. Somehow, even though it sounds promising, it still has lower success rates. We also cannot say that Kyani is a scam just because it belongs to a pyramid scheme.

How does Kyani work?

In general, there is no significant difference between Kyani and other MLM businesses. Basically, you have three ways of making money with Kyani, they are direct sales, downline commissions, and various bonuses.

What do direct sales mean? You can earn money with Kyani by selling Kyani product direct. It truly makes sense because you only get income from product sales. Somewhat, you have to buy Kyani products first and then you can sell the products at your own prices. But, if you want to get cheaper prices, you can join Kyani and get products at retail prices.

Meanwhile, you still have the second option of getting downline commissions. This is how the pyramid scheme works just in case you want to make great money, but it is quite difficult to earn. Somehow, this way is much difficult because you need to recruit people to join your network. Once you get a new downline and he or she buy Kyani products, then you will get a commission. When you finally can sell so many Kyani products and get a lot of downlines, then you will earn a lot of bonuses too. It sounds promising, but you should think about the most hated part, that is recruiting.

How many people can you recruit? If you do not have a sales experience, it can be difficult to persuade other people to join Kyani. But, you have to know that recruiting becomes the power of the MLM business and it can be a big problem too. Somehow, we know that many people feel frustrated with this system because they cannot recruit people at all. When this happens to you, you should stop it because it is not a good choice for you.

How does Kyani give you commission?

We know that most of the MLM compensation plans are complex and confusing. Now, Kyani also has a complex structure. With Kyani, you have a chance to recruit someone to join your network while you can also place him or her anywhere in your network. In this case, your recruit will be under you, so you become the head.

In this structure, you can place a new member under other members and it has its own handful reasons such as:

  • Geographical consideration
  • Team synergy
  • Structural profitability and consideration
  • Personal relationship consideration
  • Motivation and encouragement

Your network organization can really give a big impact on your rank and the bonus you will get. So, you have to place it correctly.

In addition, Kyani compensation plan is not just earning money, but you can also get bonuses in the forms of dream car and trips. The dream car will only be achieved if you finally reach the Sapphire rank or higher.

How much does Kyani cost?

Eventually, we come with the most important question. How much will you spend to join Kyani? Of course, joining Kyani is not free because you need to buy their products. This system is like many other MLM businesses. It is not a new system, but you have to know how you will spend.

If you want to get started with Kyani, then you must buy a Business Builder Pack in two choices, they are regular business builder pack which costs $499 and Premium Pack for $999.

If you choose the Regular Pack, you will get some products including Nitro FX 56ml, Kyani Sunset gel caps 90ct, Kyani Sunset (Packets) 30ct, Kyani Sunrise 30 oz bottle, Nitro FX (8 pack) 15ml, Nitro Xtreme (8 pack) 15ml, one year access to their web toll, various brochures, 5 trial packs, and a registration kit.

Meanwhile, for the premium package, you will get double products and then get two extra 56ml bottles of Nitro Xtreme along with the 15 trial pack.

Is Kyani scam or legit?

This is the last question to answer just in case you want to know Kyani scam or it is just legitimate. Well, after you read some explanation above, we can say that Kyani is not a scam at all and it is truly legit because they sell real products and also offer real MLM business opportunity. Somehow, just because it offers a business opportunity, it does not mean that you have to take it. You have to know that being an MLM member is not easy because you will deal with recruitment. Can you recruit people to become Kyani distributors like you? It is not that easy, even if you ask your family members and friends to join this business. One reason is that there are only fewer people who are successful in this business. So, this can be good for or it will be bad business for you.

In conclusion, that’s all about Kyani’s review to know about Kyani scam or not. We know that Kyani offers an MLM business, but you have no idea if it is legitimate. Yes, it is legitimate but it is not an easy business to run. In addition, it is also quite expensive to join the program because you have to buy a product package. If you are sure that you can run this business, it is not a bad idea to join the Kyani MLM program. Or you can just forget it because you have no experience at all in direct sales. If you want to use Kyani products, you do not need to become their distributors and buy their products as usual.

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