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Are you interested in the Millionaire Mentor? Or, do you want to know more details about this online money-making program? If your answer is yes, you are on the right spots. Today, we will discuss anything related to Millionaire Mentor.

My Millionaire Mentor is a program to help people to start an online business. They claim that this program allows people to earn a crazy amount of money in a short period of time. If you join this program, you will be able to use a “done-for-you” system that will allow you to earn $5.5000 in commission within a short space of time. It said that the system would do all the hard work and you need to bring people to the system. Millionaire Mentor also will provide you with the best coaching team you need. So, is Millionaire Mentor rally good money-making program that delivers its promise? Or, is it just kind of scam to rip you off? Here is the answer to your long question.

What is Millionaire Mentor?

The official name for this online money making program is My Millionaire Mentor. The owner of the program is Ryan Mathews (still questionable; some believe that he doesn’t exist). The price for this program is $47 plush upsell. The site of this program contains a single video that explains how good the program is. However, you can’t find any logo or anything to indicate that the video belongs to the Millionaire Mentor. So, after you watch all the length of the video, you still have no idea about the owner of the videos. How would you possibly invest in the program that doesn’t want to show its brand and the owner of the brand?

As you watch the video, you will hear about the simple 21-step system and your chance to become a member of a private club. When you examine closely, soon you will realize that what so-called private club is an online program called MOBE (My Own Business Education). As you read on, we will discuss the MOBE letter.

We have mentioned earlier that the Millionaire Mentor aims to help people earn money online.

They also claim that this particular online money making program is not a Multi-Level Marketing business. This is to justify that you don’t need to recruit new members to earn money with Millionaire Mentor.  You will find out the truth letter as you read on.

The video also shows the number of what so-called “testimonies.” It shows people sharing the amount of money they have earned with the program. However, none of them was saying about the program in their testimonies. If people are happy with the program, they obviously will mention the program on their testimonies. In other words, they are not mentioning Millionaire Mentor as they are not promoting the program.

So, My Millionaire Mentor is not the real money-making program. The video is not belonging to the Millionaire Mentor. It is actually a lead page belong to another program called MTTB (My Top Tier Business). The main product of BTTB is MOBE. It is a bit confusing, but you will find out later as you read this review.

How does Millionaire Mentor work?

According to the video presentation, after you sign up for the program, you will do the following things:

  • You will be working with high-profile Company that offers high-quality product and service.
  • You need to refer people to this particular Company.
  • The Company has a team of expert that will work on your referral to phone and close the sales deal for you.
  • When all is done, you will earn between $1,500 to 5,500 of commissions.

They are talking about the high-profile company that you will work with. The video contains to give the impression that the Millionaire Mentor is the company. But, we have mentioned earlier that the Millionaire Mentor does not own the video.

Basically, by driving people to the program, you will earn money, but the truth is that you are not encouraging people to the Millionaire Mentor, but you will recruit people and drive them to MTTB

What should you know about My Own Business Education and My Top Tier Business?

So, what is MTTB or My Top Tier Business? It is a business system that offers 21-step-by-step instructions that enable its members to earn $1000 on the first time they run their online business. This particular business program also allows its members to access personal business coach. MTTB is a part of the MOBE business product collection. MOBE is an online training program that teaches people to grow a business on the internet.

Just to let you know that MTTB and MOBE never officially give any explanation or clue about their 21- step-by-step business instruction. However, according to the investigation and research, the 6th step if business instruction involves buying a product cost $2.997. At the step 8th, you need to join the elite member that will cost you $9.997. The next steps are to join the platinum mastermind conference (the 10th steps); for this conference, you have to spend another $16.667. Now, you realize that to have full access to 21-step-by-step business instructions; you have to spend a total of a massive $ 30.000. On top of that spending, you have to pay another $19, 99 just to become an affiliate of the product.

We need to say that MTTB offers useful information on how to drive traffic to the system. However, the price of MTTB is away too expensive. Do people need to spend $1000s to learn how to drive traffic? There are many online business forums out there where you can learn how to drive traffic and other online business tips for free.

Millionaire Mentor Amazing Bonus

Just like other quick money-making programs, the Millionaire Mentor program offers a fantastic bonus for its members. If you earn 5 commissions in 6 months, you have the right to receive Mercedes Benz. If this program is easy and simple like what they have claimed, there must be many people out there who already have Mercedes from Millionaire Mentor program right?

When you do your research, soon you will realize that the car is not bought for you, but they lease for you. So, if you are stopped and did not making any sale, they will cancel the lease. I am sure many people will get surprised with all these facts. However, many other things will shock you.

Who is the real Ryan Mathews?

As you watch the video, you realize that the owner and the creator of Millionaire Mentor Ryan Mathews are married and expecting his first baby. He shows the picture of his house and talked about his life story before he got his success with millionaire Mentor. The story of having no money is a common tactic in classic sales videos.

When you do your research to find who Ryan Mathews is, soon you will realize that the person does not exist. There is no Ryan Mathews on the internet except the American Football player. However, the picture of the football player is very much different from the picture of Ryan Mathews you found on the videos. They are not the same person.

We all know that the most famous person has many social media accounts. If Ryan Matthews has created a popular money-making program that helps many people to earn money online, there must be many people who talk about his success. However, when you do more research, you will not find any social media account associated with his name. In other words, the millionaire mentors lie about the identity of its creator and its owner. So, would you want to invest your 1000s dollar on a business program that they cannot reveal the real identity of its creator? So, if it was a legit program? Why do they need to lie?

Millionaire Mentor Training and tools

We have mentioned earlier that the site of the program contains a single video explaining how good the Millionaire mentor program is. It talks about 21-step-system training but doesn’t give any clue to what kind of training is included in the programs. The program also doesn’t tell any tool or training method to help people to earn money online. If this program doesn’t have any tools to use by its members to earn money online, why they expect people to invest $49? That is something and raise suspicion for many people.

Millionaire Mentor Pricing

The millionaire mentor will charger $49 for all new members. Although they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, you need to go through all 21-steps coaching without making any money. As we have mentioned earlier that to complete 21-step coaching, you need to spend $1000s. So, the $49 refund doesn’t mean much since you have spent $1000s.

Moreover, when you sign up, and you want to make a payment, you will be taken to a particular payment page. On this payment page, you will notice the logo of MOBE on the top left-hand corner. If you sign-up and make payment to Millionaire Mentor, you obviously will expect Millionaire mentor logo on the payment page. So, will you make a payment to someone or to some company that the identity is not clear? The Millionaire Mentor is not only lying about its creator but also lie about where the payment has to go.

Millionaire Mentor Support

We have mentioned earlier that the identity of Ryan Matthews, the creator of Millionaire Mentor is still in question. Maybe Ryan Matthews doesn’t exist. So, there is no way you can get support from the creator as there is no contact form or social media page when you need to contact them. The only contact that you may be able to get is your sponsor when you pay the fee of $49 for the MTTB 21-step system. I believe that you should not invest anything into something that cannot be contacted.

Millionaire Mentor pros and cons

Millionaire Mentor pros

  • Since this program doesn’t exist, there is nothing positive to mention about it.

Millionaire Mentor cons

  • The owner of the program has a fake identity, or he doesn’t exist.
  • The Millionaire Mentor is not the actual money-making program. It is just landing page of other money-making program called MTTB.
  • The program doesn’t offer any free trial. You are expected to pay a membership fee of $49 without knowing what the program is really about.
  • Millionaire Mentor has lied from the start. The video provides misleading information, and they do not tell the truth of the program.
  • To earn money, you need to sell the system to other people. You will not earn any money if your referral doesn’t make any purchase. They will not teach you anything except how to sell the system.
  • To follow all 21-steps of the MTTB system, you need to purchase high-price of product.
  • Ryan Mathews is not your mentor. Yes, it is true; your mentor is not Ryan Mathews because he doesn’t exist. Your real mentor is your sponsors who do not care about your success. Your sponsor only cares about asking you to buy more product as he or she will get more commission from your purchases.

Is Millionaire Mentor Legit MLM?

First of all, the Millionaire Mentor is not MLM. This doesn’t mean that the program is a legitimate business. Based on our investigation, Millionaire Mentor Is scams. It is accurate as they offer misleading information about the program. The owner uses a fake identity, and they ask people to pay a high price for a dream that doesn’t exist. They force people to believe that they join the Millionaire Mentor when they enter another program that costs a lot of money.

Millionaire Mentor is a scam. So, you need to stay away from the program. If you want to earn money on the internet, you can choose other trustworthy and legitimate plan that is widely available on the market.

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