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During the past week, I have been digging information about the ins and outs of Modere Reviews. More commonly called MLM, which is carried out by several Indonesians in Melbourne.

With businesses looking for an Indonesian market in Melbourne. Problems then arise when some people feel disadvantaged because they do not get the ‘joining money’ they have paid.

After talking with both parties, those who are trying to recruit members to run a Modere Review and those who feel disadvantaged, and from searching various articles regarding MLM, my opinion is that Modere Reviews might initially have reasonable business goals. But on the way, it often causes terrible things for those involved.

MLM has two primary principles. First, the existence of products sold and secondly, product sales are centered and depend on members’ efforts to find and recruit new members.

Modere Reviews approach

Since this business model was first started in the United States in the 1930s. Many media reports have written about selling products using the Modere Reviews approach.

Some say if this Modere Review runs well, it will provide welfare to members. Many also believe that this is just a fraudulent business scheme, often misused by those who are involved and want to take shortcuts to get rich.

What often happens in an MLM system is that the products sold become unimportant, even ignored. The main focus of the Modere Review is to find as many members as possible. The possibility of earning, or commissions, will be higher. This income comes from the money deposited by new members.

Those who offer psychology products

No doubt, many people believe that MLM is a fraud.

Several countries, including Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, have banned Modere Reviews model of networking through recruitment like this.

Therefore, when offering this product to new members, some people then use tactics to ‘trap’ potential buyers — for example, inviting events whose names are entirely different from the fact.

From conversations with some people who felt they were victims of fraud in Melbourne, for example, they were invited to a meal, or just wanted to meet and have coffee, and some were invited to watch cultural events. These outreach activities are used to cover up that after people come, they will immediately be invited to join as well as presentations on the businesses and products they sell.

When asked, “why is the invitation for a meal?”

Those who invite will answer, “Actually, it is a dinner program because there are foods that are served at the meeting.”

Technically it might not be wrong, but it is not surprising that some victims were annoyed by the ‘trap.’

In my opinion, what also happened was that psychologically these victims did not prepare themselves to attend a business event. Therefore, when they come to the game, they tend to make the wrong decision, mainly because there is an element of ‘coercion’ psychologically.

This is what is known as hard selling and ambush marketing.

Hard selling is an attempt to sell something to others by persuading many times, until the person they persuaded finally accepted the offer. The reason is that they want to be able to get out of this stressful situation immediately.

Ambush marketing refers to when someone does not expect to be offered a product.

Coupled with so much information delivered, the victims did not have much time to digest the information. At the same time, they must immediately decide to get it over with but then regret it.

seller of MLM products

From the seller of MLM products, they often excuse not to do ‘coercion’ when selling products. Instead, they say victims or those who feel aggrieved, which themselves provide personal information and data on a ‘voluntary’ basis.

From several media reports, the problem is that when this fraud case is brought into the realm of law, it becomes difficult to prove because there is no real evidence about what happened.

What happened was a ‘war’ of comments between the two sides, but it was not clear who said what.

Why are some victims, and some are not?

Not all who are seduced approached, and offered to become MLM members feel victimized.

Some volunteers to become members who then follow the ‘product’ sale with an agreed recruitment pattern.

Many also decided not to become a member, because they saw little benefit from joining the Modere Reviews system, especially if the focus is only to find as many people as possible.

Some enter ‘voluntarily,’ but later feel cheated because ‘forced.’

Some say they feel like being ‘hypnotized’ when offered an MLM product, thus giving consent in a state of not being ‘fully aware.’

Regardless of the cause, those who feel like victims still have several possibilities not to suffer losses.

It depends on when they realize that they have been ‘tricked’ and this will determine whether they can get the money they deposited back or not.

A victim told ABC that he realized he had made a mistake several hours after joining and immediately contacted the bank to cancel his credit card transaction.

He still suffered losses because some were paid in cash. But MLM regulations should allow those who are victims to get their money back in the ‘cooling period,’ which varies between 1 to 14 days, where consumers are legally protected and have things that cancel the agreement.

Some victims are now trying to ask back directly to the seller of the product.

Other victims have paid more than A $ 15,000 but do not feel victimized and only realized a few months after hoping they would get income from Modere Reviews membership.

In general, those who feel they are victims initially feel ‘alone’ because they are ashamed to tell their ‘stupidity’ to others about what they have experienced.

Often this embarrassment makes it difficult for authorities to expose fraud cases, including in the Modere Review because victims are initially reluctant to report to the police.

There is a term that says ‘it takes two to tango.’ It takes two people to dance the tango, which also means that deception also requires two parties, namely those who try to cheat and those who become victims.

Therefore, here are some things you need to consider if offered a business, especially Modere Review, that I cited from several articles and reports.

Pay to become a member or start a business. If the business goal is to sell a product, the initial cost is not necessary. Usually, they use the reason there is ‘money to join’ for training and self-development purposes, even though the form is just a few cheap brochures

joins a business like MLM

Promised to get a lot of money with a little effort. It’s possible we can get rich without working too hard. But this might not happen to everyone who joins a business like MLM. Getting a lot of money requires hard work, not just recruiting people

Product purchases are often referred to as ‘investments,’ and those who buy products are called ‘business owners’

Many MLM companies repeatedly emphasize how much money can be made. But it doesn’t explain how you can get it. Most MLM companies will only be able to provide side income only, not the primary income.

Several MLM companies encourage members to look for new members, instead of making their members understand well about what products they sell. Companies that are filled with many members but no products are sold, only become a collection of people, not a company that will be able to move forward.

Tips for Joining Modere or any other MLM!!!

1. Look at whether the National Market accepted Modere Reviews Company

Signs or characteristics of a kind and bonafide MLM company can also be seen from the scale of the company. If the company is not yet scaled or has not been nationally accepted, then you need to be careful. To be successful in this Modere Review, you should choose a company that has a national scale that can be accepted by the entire community. Usually, they will also express their vision for the welfare of the company and its distributor network.

2. Have a clear legal entity

In addition to being registered with APLI, a good MLM company can be seen from the legal entity it has. As a company that allows business movement, MLM companies are also required to have a definite legal entity.

3. Choose MLM companies that have a variety of products

With the many and varied products to offer to others. Then you will have an excellent opportunity to be able to capture your down the line. Also, with a variety of products, you can choose items that are following the availability of the budget. Make sure that Modere Reviews Company has a guarantee for the quality of the goods and services it sells.

This is necessary so that it can be exchanged if one time the goods do not match the actual quality. So to do the right and profitable Modere Review. Choose a company that not only offers uniform products and services. Also, it has a guarantee of the quality of the goods and services it sells.

4. Choose an MLM Company whose Distributors Have a System for Success

If Modere Reviews Company has distributors who have a successful system to be successful, then you will also be able to join success quickly. But to be able to succeed immediately, you must be able to ensure the system within the company has been tested and proven to be able to print many people to be successful. Look at how the order has been able to run effectively run by all ages and people from various backgrounds, occupations, education, gender, even by those who have never done business at all.

Generally, MLM companies that have a sound system can be characterized by the presence of business aids, such as personality books, tapes that provide motivation and techniques, as well as meetings that can be attended. You must be vigilant if you find an MLM company that offers maximum results without having to work hard because this is arguably very impossible.

5. Up line Wants to Help Down lines to Develop

One manifestation of a successful MLM company system is the existence of a condition or culture where the upfront can help them down the path to continue to grow. Look at how they treat down lines in driving their business. If the up line in MLM is not active or only rely on referrals to sell products or develop their network, then you should not choose Modere Reviews Company. Why is that? Apart from merely distracting you as a new registrar (down the line), Modere Review that is also considered by many parties as something less healthy.

Generally, in a good Modere Review, the up line will actively provide support in the form of assistance. Coaching and sharing marketing knowledge to their lines. Not infrequently the upfront will intervene in the field to be able to provide a way or method to get new members and make his down line level up.

6. Have a Fair System for All Members

It will be more or less visible that this Modere Review is more profitable for people who join first. People who have just signed up don’t get a significant profit. If you get an existing system that feels less beneficial to those who only registered. Then it could be that the company is not good.

Because a good MLM company will generally be fair. And they will do everything possible to make all members can benefit as long as they want to try hard. So both those who become up line or down the chain must work hard if they’re going to get profit. With a system like this, all will benefit even if they just joined.

7. The price of the product being sold makes sense

Not only several products that you need to pay attention to, but you must also look at the price component. Why? Because the price of products sold by MLM companies can be an indication that the business is healthy or not. Observe whether the product being sold has a fair price with the quality of the product.

Interested in a Modere Review?

Here are some tips for choosing a good and trusted Modere Review. So for those of you who want to run the Modere Review, you have to apply these tips.

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