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It is time to read this Nerium review for those who wonder whether it is a scam or legit. As we know that before we join an MLM business or affiliate marketing business, you need to find out about the company. There are so many MLM companies that offer a multi-level marketing program, but you do not know if it is a scam or not. Through this Nerium review, we hope that we cannot help you to decide to earn money from MLM business. Let us get started with the Nerium review.

What is Nerium?

Before you read the details of this Nerium review, you have to know what Nerium is. Nerium is indeed a company name that is known to offer MLM program. It was first launched in 2011 in Texas by Jeff Olson. Now, the company has a new brand name called Neora. Neora is just another name of Nerium.

If you want to know more about this company and what they are running, you actually can check on their official website. You will notice that they have ten core values including be real, pursue constant self development, create family atmosphere and positive team, be determined, encourage workers spirit, practice servant leadership, drive and embrace change, slow down to go rapidly, help others and have fun, and dream big ad act on it daily.

For those core values, you may realize that the company is earnest about running their business. Somehow, you may also need to find out the pros and cons of using their product as we know that some consumers complain about the product. But, we do not want to go too far because we only want to focus on the business opportunity.

What does Nerium sell?

Every MLM company always sells products and services. Nerium is an excellent company that offers some products related to health care and skin care. If you check their website, there are so many Nerium products provided.

It starts from the Packs that include some products like day creams, night cream, EHT, body contour cream that cost $390/$290. They also sell Day cream serum, eye serum night cream serum packs, which costs $270 with auto-delivery. Body contour cream, day cream, and night cream packs cost $310.

Moreover, you can also buy age-defying night cream, which is about $120/$90 auto-delivery. Meanwhile, the nigh and Day combo pack cost $190. The age-defying eye serum is only about $80, and the Eye Serum single-use packs cost $95.

In addition to the packs, it also offers a body product called firming body contour cream which costs $12 with auto-delivery. It also provides Mind product which consists of EHT-supplement that costs $80.

Even though Nerium offers a lot of great products, there are still some people who do not like the business plan. Check this following example of the customer’s complaint:

As you can see that the customer loves the products of Nerium, but she does not like the business plan, and she says that it is a scam. From this perspective, we can say that Nerium is a real company that sells the right products, but we are not sure about the MLM program. There are so many other negative opinions about this company. In some reviews, the consumers feel disappointed with the products because it can make the skin look worse. You can check this following example:

According to this costumer, the Nerium products are not good enough because the product can cause more severe acne to come back. So, we can see that both of those comments are confusing. Which one should we believe? We do not know if Nerium products are good enough for any skin or whether the Nerium MLM program is just a scam. The question is, “will you still want to join Nerium business opportunity?”. If so, we would like to go on for the compensation plan explanation and how you can make money with the Nerium program.

How much does Nerium cost?

Of course, if you want to join an MLM program, you must know the compensation plan. The compensation plan is about how much money you will earn. Though some people say that the Nerium plan is just a scam, we should not always believe it before we find out the truth. Well, if you want to join this program, you need to check these following options that you have to purchase just in case you want to join the program:

Brand Partner Basic Kit for $49.95

This is the first plan which you should buy for the primary user. This plan includes training materials, a personalized website, an online business center, a success planner and access to the compensation plan, and the slight edge by Jeff Olson.

Starter Pack for $249,95

The second plan is the Starter Pack, which is quite expensive compared to the brand partner basic kit. This pack includes basic kit materials and three botters of night cream.

Bronze Pack for $499.95

Next, you also have another option which is much expensive to afford called Bronze Pack. With $499.95, you can get one bonus day cream and starter pack, and four bottles of night cream.

Silver Pack for $999.95

You still have a chance to get a more expensive plan, which costs $999.95. This plan will give you four bonus day cream and starter packs and 14 bottles of night cream.

Gold Pack for $1749.95

The ultimate plan goes to a costly gold pack. If you take this plan, you will get four bonus day cream and starter packs and 30 bottles of night cream.

After seeing the prices, you may think twice to buy the expensive plans, especially for the gold pack. It is costly and ridiculous because you will spend a lot of money for only buy a few products.

Perhaps, you want to get the retail value for the gold pack where you only pay it for only $1500. However, when we find out the truth, it is almost possible to sell Nerium products close to the retail value because some stores sell the products at meager prices.

How to make money with Nerium?

Will you make money with Neora or Nerium? When you ask about this, you probably feel shocked by the answer because you apparently will not make anything. How can this happen? You can imagine how expensive it is to join the program. Not only that, when you enter the Nerium MLM program, the average income you will get is only $2400 in a year. So, if we calculate it, you only make money with the program less $1 in one hour. If we compare to the average American salary, most of the regular people who do ordinary jobs make money as much as $30000 per year.

So, you can make about ten times to work on a regular job than joining the Nerium MLM.

You can still make money with Nerium, but it is not satisfying. Somehow, if you still want to join the program, you may check the following compensation plans:

Retail Commissions

The first way to earn money from Nerium is from the retail commission. In this case, you can sell Nerium products while you buy the products from the Nerium at a discount. For instance, if you purchase Neora products at $1000, then you can sell the products to your customers at about $1500. But, make sure you do not sell it at overpriced to get customers.

Personal Sale Commissions

In addition to the retail commission, you can also get income from the personal sale commission. Here is the explanation. Suppose you sell $500 up to $1500 of Nerium products, you have a chance to earn 5% of the additional commission. When you finally can sell about $1500 up to $3000, then you will receive 10% of the commission. Meanwhile, if you can sell more than $3000, then you have a chance to earn an extra commission of about 15%. But, it is not easy to make this commission, and there are only fewer members who can earn that much.

Residual Commission

Like other MLM programs, you will also earn a residual commission from the Nerium MLM program. Somehow, this is the primary system of a pyramid scheme where you have to build your tree by recruiting some members. If you can hire a lot of people, then you will have a big chance to earn more income. You can even make some income when your members sell Nerium products. It also depends on the level, and each level has its compensation plan.

What are the pros of Nerium?

Why do people like Nerium? There are a few reasons why some people still choose Nerium for their business opportunities. One good idea for the Nerium is that Nerium sells the right products. Also, there are so many product options to sell. You can also get retail prices just in case you want to sell Nerium products to others.

What are the cons of Nerium?

Still, you may notice that Nerium is a real company that offers MLM program, but it is not always the right choice. Some so many people do not like Neora. One wrong reason for the Nerium business opportunity is that it is too expensive to afford. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will make a lot of money with the program. It is also difficult to recruit people because some people may not know what Nerium is.

Is Nerium a scam or legit?

Perhaps, you still feel confused and question in your mind if Nerium is a scam or legitimate. Well, we cannot say that it is a scam because Nerium is a real company that genuinely offers MLM business opportunity. However, since it is so difficult to earn income with the program, there are so many failed people who say that it is a scam. Now, you decide to tell if it is a scam or not. Systematically, Nerium is not a scam because you still have a chance to earn some income despite it is just disappointing.

Is Nerium accredited with Better Business Bureau?

Maybe, you wonder if Nerium is accredited with BBB. Somehow, you can check it by yourself on the BBB website. Unfortunately, after checking the site, we do not see that Nerium is accredited with BBB. Why could this happen? This company was sued by Dennis Windsor who was the Co-Founder for $22 million. In this case, we can conclude that Nerium has a bad reputation, so it is not included in the BBB.

Is Nerium still be the right choice for earning money?

Well, after checking the whole truth about this company through this Nerium review, now you have your own decision whether you want to go on with it or forget it. We would recommend you to find other business opportunities because Nerium is not the right way to earn a passive income. It is just like many other MLM programs that are not so easy to get profit. Somehow, you can use their products for personal, or you can join the program at a high price to get retailed prices.

In conclusion, is Nerium review a scam or legit? Nerium or Neora can be a scam or legitimate. In general, it is not a scam because the company is available. Meanwhile, the business opportunity is just not clear because it also belongs to a pyramid scheme. Moreover, it is quite expensive to join the program, and there is a little chance to earn money from the program. However, it is all in your hand because you can try it if you are curious about it. We do not say that Nerium products are wrong, but we only do not like the business opportunity. It is better to find a real job and earn a better income for life and forget the Nerium MLM business.

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