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Norwex review – Are you interested in the Norwex product? Or, do you want to know more detail about Norwex business opportunity? If your answer is yes, you need to read this article carefully. Today, we are going to examine the Norwex product and its business opportunity.

Multi-Level Marketing is a business model in which the company sells its product directly to the customers. This kind of business model offers many benefits for the company as well as for the customers. Business owners have to spend a lot of money on marketing afford. The MLM business model enables the company to reduce its spending on marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, the MLM business model enables the customer to earn a steady income they need. The customers who bought MLM products, they earn a certain amount of commission from the MLM Company. If you want to increase your earnings, you need to recruit as many people as you can. This true as the more people you hire, the more commission you will earn. The bonuses are usually given to the members who can reach a certain amount of sales volume for a specified period.

The amount of your earnings depends on many factors that you can learn from the company compensation plan. To remind you that most MLM Companies have complicated and confusing compensation plans. Some people may get frustrated with the compensation plan given by certain MLM companies. They then believe that MLM companies are a scam.

Just like other businesses, there are many good MLM companies out there that offer a real business opportunity for people to earn money. However, we cannot deny that you also can find many scamps MLM Companies out there quickly.

Norwex is a very well-known Company offers personal care and cleaning product through MLM business system. We will find out whether Norwex is a real and legitimate MLM Company or just another scamp with the actual intention to riff your money off. This is an unbiased Norwex review that will help you to make the right decision, whether you need to join Norwex MLM business and use its product or you need to stay away from Norwex.

What should you know about Norwex Company?

Created by Bjorn Nicolaisen in 1994, Nowex has become a market leader in selling personal care and cleaning product through Multi-Level Marketing business model. Unlike other similar MLM company, Nowex only produces and sell a high-quality and environmentally friendly product. All the products contain less chemical substances that offer great benefits for our planet.

This Norwegian based Company produce a high-quality green product that is widely accepted by the market. This is true as more and more people are concerned with our planet. Today, Norwex product has been sold in 14 countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, and many more. The company claims that they have more than 200.000 distributors around the globe.

Who uses Norwex?

So, who will use the Norwex product? We have mentioned earlier, Norwex only sells high-quality and environmentally friendly products to its customers. This particular MLM Company sells health care and cleaning products that contain less chemical substances. So, if you are concerned with our planet, or looking for a healthy product that contains less chemical substance, then Norwex is the right company that you should look at.

The second type of people use Norwex product is people who are looking for an opportunity to earn money from Norwex. We have mentioned earlier that this particular company sells its product through the MLM business model. People who want to get side income; they can join Norwex and then sell the product to get Commission. Your profit and commission will get higher when you become a consultant to promote and sell personal care and cleaning products they have.

Norwex product reviews

Unlike other companies, Norwex sells personal care and cleaning products that contain less or no chemicals. This kind of product is not only right for our health but also protects our environment from toxic waste. Norwex produces and sells different product categories, such as:

Microfiber product

Norwex microfiber product divided into three main categories

  • Cleaning – you can choose different cleaning cloth like microfiber bath mitts, hand cleaning cloth, etc.
  • Floor – Customer can choose different types of microfiber mop pad, mop wands both for wet and dry applications.
  • Bath towel for adults, kids, and baby, you also can buy wash mitts and so on.

Household product

For household, you can buy the following product

  • Bath – for this category, you can purchase microfiber bath mat, rags makeup remover, toilet cleaning brushes, and liquid, etc.
  • Laundry – Norwex offers different laundry products such as detergent, stain remover, dry ball, a washing net, wash booster, etc.
  • Kitchen – there are a wide variety of kitchen products such as dishwasher powder, sponges, mesh scrubbers, dish math, cleaner for stovetop and grill, and so on.
  • Odor control – you can buy different odor control such as odor control spray, spray bottle, odor control bag, etc. You also can purchase odor control for your vehicle.

Sustainable product

Norwex sustainable products include:

  • Recycle microfiber – There are a wide range of products you can choose such as mops math, table cloth, napkins, etc
  • Reduce waste such as water filter system, grocery bags, stainless steel straw, cleaning straws, etc.
  • On the go product such as travel bags, handbags, scarf, wipe, etc

Personal and family product

  • For personal products, you can buy body lotion, hand cleaner, facial scrubs, salt scrub, face scrubber, fast stone, etc.
  • For families product, you may choose a towel for pets, kids toothpaste, wash rags for baby, leather shine, etc.

How do people make money with Norwex?

We have mentioned earlier that Norwex is a very well-known company that sells its product through MLM business system. If you want to earn money with MLM business, you need to join Norwex. When you join Norwex, you need to buy a certain amount of Norwex products. You can use it by yourself, or you can resell it to other people to earn some commission. Just like any other MLM company, you are encouraged to recruit new members to become your team. You will also earn commissions and bonuses when your team bought the product and sell it to others.

To start MLM business with Norwex, you need to join and become a Norwex Consultant. First of all, you need to be invited by Norwex member, or the Norwex Company will refer you to the nearest Norwex consultant in your area. You will require to submit your details before you can purchase Norwex starter kits. The starter kits contain several products and will cost you $200. You can use the Company website for 60 days to promote the product (after this initial period, you need to pay $10 per month) or you can promote Norwex on your own.

Your starter kits will be free if you can sell Norwex product worth $2000 within three months. To remain active, a Norwex consultant needs to sell at least $250 worth of products in 3 months. However, within a year, you need to make two sales. Otherwise, you cannot continue to work with Norwex.

As a Norwex consultant, you will get a 35% discount for Norwex products. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy those products for yourself. You need to drive people to buy the product on your Norwex website and boom; you gain a 35% profit of the product you sell. In other words, you don’t need to buy the product before you can sell it. Another great thing is that whenever you recruit new people to become a consultant, you will get a bonus of $300 products.

The first level of Norwex Consultant is a sales consultant. There are eight levels at Norwex, and each level has a different amount of potential earnings. For example, a Team Coordinator level earns 35% profit commission, a 3% commission from sales made by your group. However, you will be able to get your profit if you can sell $250 worth of product in 3 months. For sales leaders, you will earn 35% of profit commission and earn a 5% commission from sales made by your group. You will also receive a 1% commission from a sales consultant. Full information about Norwex compensation plan, you can discuss with your sales consultant, or you can find out from Norwex site.

Norwex home party program

The Norwex claims that most of the company’s sales are made from a home party environment. On average, each home party can generate up to $500 in retail sales. If you are a new consultant, you need to organize this party. During the party, you will introduce the product that you receive from your starter kits. You can invite your family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to attend the party. The party is an excellent opportunity for you to introduce Norwex product as well as persuading your families and friends to become your team.

To encourage the sales manager to conduct a party, Norwex offers a hosting program. This hosting program serves as an incentive for members who conduct the party. Your families and friends at the party will also receive a substantial product discount.

However, hosting a party is not the only solution to promote Norwex products. If you want to earn a significant amount of money, you need to find a way where you can sell as many products as you can. Many people successfully sold Norwex products through the internet.

What I like about Norwex

  • Unlike other MLM company, Norwex focuses more on selling product rather than recruiting new members. If you sift through the Norwex compensation plan, you will realize that the higher sales volume you have, the higher compensation plan you will receive. However, you also still need to recruit new members as recruiting new members will allow you to increase your commission higher. The companies that sell a high-quality product, usually they are confident with their product. They know that customers will be satisfied with the product they bought. Therefore, instead of offering complicated compensation plans, Norwex encourages their team to sell more products.
  • We have mentioned earlier that most MLM companies have complicated compensation plans. Many people get frustrated with understanding MLM compensation plan. This doesn’t happen with Norwex. This particular company has a simple and easy to understand the compensation plan.
  • Norwex sells green products that receive many positive feedbacks from the customers. All Morwex products contain less or no chemical substance that will not only good for our planet but also good for our health. Therefore, you will not have any difficulty selling Norwex products. This is true as more and more people are concerned with the planet and their health.

What I don’t like with Norwex

  • The Norwex website doest show detail business opportunity on offer. You cannot find a detail compensation plan on the website. Maybe Norwex wants people to focus on their product rather than the compensation plan they offer.
  • If you compare to other similar products, the Norwex product is a bit expensive. If the company wants to sell more products, they may need to lower the price.

Is Norwex a Scam?

So, is Norwex is a scam or a legitimate MLM business. I believe that Norwex is not a scam. It is an MLM Company that runs their business legitimately. Here are some facts that Norwex is not a scam

  • Norwex offers real products. This particular MLM Company provides high-quality products loved by its loyal customers. The price of the Norwex product is indeed a bit expensive, but it doesn’t mean that Norwex is a scam.
  • Offers good compensation plans to all its members.
  • The Company is managed by a professional and runs their business professionally.
  • It has been around in the market for many years and continues to grow


Norwex is a very well-known MLM Company that sells high-quality personal care and cleaning products. This particular company offers a real business opportunity for people who want to earn money from MLM business. Just like running any other business, running an MLM business is not an easy task. However, if you are hard-working and have strong determination, you can earn a significant amount of money from Norwex.

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