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Many people want to get success by becoming an internet marketer. But of course, for becoming a successful internet marketer from scratch, you will need much effort and more time to do it patiently. As a beginner, building landing pages on his own is very challenging. Not to mention, the next challenges to get more sales and leads. Then, what is the solution?

Online Sales Pro is a legit lead generation tool that offers you, the beginner of online marketer, helpful training to get more leads and sales to your landing pages. Of course, this platform is not suitable for advanced marketer due to the lack of sophisticated tools. But, is it work for a beginner? That is what we will know very soon. You only need to read the explanation below.

What is Online Sales Pro?

This is an internet marketing company run and owned by Vincent Ortega Jr. For you who don’t have any idea who this man is, this man is the same man who owned and operated Internet Lifestyle Network. This was a company that had been shut down in 2014.

Internet Lifestyle Network is a company that had left thousands of its affiliate marketers who had trusted their money, time, and effort to Internet Lifestyle Network, being dumped so easily when this business shut down. They were left with nothing after this business folded.

After you heard about his history, I am sure that most of you will be hesitant to devote your money, time and effort – the same things like you had trusted to Internet Lifestyle Network – to this kind of business. But, no need to rush. We will bring you the truth about this Online Sales Pro Company to know whether devoting your money and everything to this kind of business are worth or worthless.

My online review about this company will start on the introduction about what they offer to you?

Online Sales Pro itself is pretty much kind of app for those MLM’ers or network marketers. This company will teach you all the things you need to know if you want to recruit and build leads for your business. Besides, this company also gives you software in the back office and supporting material about prospecting.

If we want to summarize Online Sales Pro, we will get these 3 points:

  1. This company teaches Lead Generation and all about Online Content Marketing
  2. This company allows you to earn passive money by recruiting other people into joining Online Sales Pro.
  3. You can create Lead Capture Pages by using OSP software

Until these 3 points, you will understand that there is nothing unique and special about this offering. This company is just the same as any other typical online network marketing company or earn money online opportunity.

What does this company offer you?

1. You have to spend money first

The first thing I want you to know is from the lesson in OSP itself. In their lesson material, they stated that “If you cannot spend a dollar to get a customer, you ain’t got a business. You have got a scheme”.

From this statement, we can conclude that this company wants you to spend money to get customers. For shorter: You need to pay some money to earn money online. On the contrary, you only get a scheme if you don’t pay any money in online marketing.

What are they try to tell you by stating this statement is to entice you emotionally to spend money on advertisements. They said that if you spend more money on ads, you will acquire more customers. For this purpose, Online Sales Pro provides you this service which they named as “Royalty Clicks.” What is that? Just look after this section.

2. The Back Office Dashboard

Once you sign up as a member, OSP will provide you with a back-office dashboard that has a quite good and clean look. The best thing about this dashboard is very easy to navigate around. You also can find your way very easy than in other systems that have clutter look. Thus, you find it hard to do anything.

3. Marketing Training

The Back Office Dashboard also provides you with some marketing training in the form of live webinars or hangout recordings. Sometimes these learning materials also come in the form of discussion style videos and interview with successful people in online marketing.

From what I can say about this kind of marketing training is nothing new and sophisticated from this learning material. You can easily find this kind of learning material free on Youtube videos or podcasts.

This kind of training is not very good at giving you the best information about online marketing. Especially when you need to pay some money to get this kind of training material. The excellent training from this kind of pay membership should have:

  1. Detail tutorials with step by step “how to.”
  2. How to build your business from scratch
  3. Strategy breakdowns
  4. Case studies. It will be better if they give their members behind the scenes examples of one of their successful member campaigns.
  5. To make it better, OSP can arrange homework assignments and some tasks to the member. Then OSP can evaluate the answer and give further action steps to implement the idea.

4. Setup Guide

OSP also provides you with step by step guide to set up your profile and account. The good thing about this setup guide is the guidance is quite easy to follow. It also shows you clearly how to do next. Online Sales Pro should make this kind of guidance or this approach to marketing training.

5. Online Store

Yes OSP does give you a chance to get pretty cool features in online stores. Unfortunately, you have to upgrade your membership level into MVP so that you can upload your affiliate products to your online store. Thus your members able to purchase the product and see it. But, to think that you have to pay $97/month or $997/year to host your affiliate product on your website? It is not a good recommendation.

What is Royalty Clicks?

Royalty click is a traffic package to drive more traffic into your sales campaigns. Remember that if you want to use Royalty clicks, then you need to pay some money to OSP. These royalty clicks packages are the funniest things I ever hear. Remember that you pay OSP to drive more traffic to your campaigns which you promote this company (OSP) in your campaign.

But, yes, this is how they entice you to purchase royalty clicks by offering you a compensation plan from people who signed up using your affiliate link.

Then how much is the royalty packages? There are eight packages that you can opt for. Each opt range from $103, $257,50 until $25,750.

About the Membership Level in OSP

Online Sales Pro offers you with two membership levels to get active as a member. There are:

  1. Regular Membership: To register as a regular membership, you have to pay $37 monthly, or you can opt as an annual regular member by paying $297 annually.
  2. MVP Membership: To register as an MVP member, you have to pay $97 monthly, or you can opt as an annual regular member by paying $997 annually.

When you are joining into this company, you will be “forced” even not in a direct way by the OSP system to upgrade your membership to the higher levels.

By upgrading your membership to the higher level, you will have a greater chance to get more commission from the people that signed up using your affiliate link. This is because OSP has a regulation that member only gets a commission from the level below you or from the level you are at.

How to earn money from Online Sales Pro?

1. Compensation Plan

Almost the same as any other MLM Company, OSP does give you compensation plan when you recruit other people to sign up as a member of Online Sales Pro. The commissions they offer you from this affiliate marketing are:

  • MVP Annual: This level of membership is the highest membership which you can get a greater chance of compensation plan. To become an MVP Annual, you need to pay a subscription cost of $997 annually. Thus you will get commission $500 annually/member using your affiliate link in return.
  • MVP Monthly: This level of membership is lower membership that MVP annual, which you still have a great chance of compensation plan. To become an MVP Monthly, you need to pay a subscription cost $97 monthly. Thus you will get commission $50 monthly/member using your affiliate link in return
  • Standard Annual: If you are at this level, you only can acquire compensation fee from a member that signed up using your affiliate link with membership level same as you or lesser. To become a Standard Annual, you need to pay subscription cost $297 annually. Thus you will get commission $150 annually/member using your affiliate link in return
  • Standard Monthly: If you are at this level, you only can acquire compensation fee from a member that signed up using your affiliate link with membership level same as you or lesser. To become a Standard Monthly, you need to pay subscription cost $37 monthly. Thus you will get commission $20 monthly/member using your affiliate link in return.

Does it sound useful to you?

This system will automatically “forced” you to upgrade your membership level to stay getting compensation fee from your affiliate. When your members upgrade his membership to a higher membership level than yours, you will not get any commissions from his group anymore.

If you still afraid to join OSP because of the not-very-good track record from Vincent Ortega Jr, then I suggest you find another reason. On the previous statement from my Online Review, yes I did say that this company is owned and operated by Vincent Ortega Jr.

Online Review

But, likely the condition is no more the same. When I dive more deeply into this company, I found that Vincent Ortega Jr does not own this company. He does correlate with this company. But Vincent only owns a royalty and doesn’t promote Online Sales Pro again this time. Kellman and Grady Polcyn own this company.

So, if you decided not to join OSP only because to avoid Vincent’s previous business record, you made a mistake.

The best reason why you better consider twice to join this business is that this company doesn’t offer you the right things about internet marketing. From all the stages that you will undergo when you enter this business can be concluded in this single stream:

They will drive traffic to your website once you already create a website from what they have taught you, and they will host the site for you. And all of this will need you to pay some money.

sell membership

The funny thing about this scheme is the website that you create and host by them a site you have made to promote OSP business, not yours. You will sell membership to other people who interested to earn money online.

You will have to keep paying OSP each month, if you chose monthly members, in hopes that you will stay earning commission fees from people that sign up as members under your affiliate line. From this scheme, you will get at least $20 a month for one member.

But the company is getting much more money than you did. Also, you still have to pay OSP to drive traffic to your company either so that you can get a new lead to sign up as a member. This is not a recommended way to earn money online. Otherwise, you still have other options to get free teaching material from Youtube and website to do online marketing.

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