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Opinion outpost review – are you interested in opinion outpost? Or, do you want to know whether Opinion outpost is legit or a scam? If your answer is yes, you have to read this review carefully. To give deep insight into Opinion outpost business opportunity, we will sift through Opinion outpost.

Earn money online has become a new trend in our society. More and more people want to earn money online. However, making money from the internet is not as easy as many people may think. However, it is true that many online business opportunities out there that will help you to earn a significant amount of money you need.

One of the most popular online money making programs is paid survey. I know that most people will think that paid surveys will not make people productive. It is accurate as most paid surveys only pay a small amount of money for each review they have conducted. However, if you join many paid companies, it is not hard to earn a significant amount of money within a short period. We all know that you can find many paid survey companies out there conducting paid surveys every day. In this case, you need to join a legitimate paid survey company available.

Opinion outpost is a very well-known paid survey that has been around for more than a decade. So, is Opinion outpost offers real business opportunity? Or, it is just another scam that will waste your time and money? Soon you will find your answer on this Opinion outpost review.

Opinion Outpost overview

Opinion Outpost is an online survey panel that allows its members to take part in an online survey for points. The member can redeem their points to cash or another type of reward. The Opinion Outpost is owned by a Company called SSI (Survey Sampling International). It is a global survey company based in Shelton, Connecticut, United States. This particular company is a leader in online survey business.

How does Opinion outpost work?

Just like any other survey company, Opinion Outpost will ask you to confirm your email after sign-up.  And then, you need to complete your profile with your bio, address, education background, date of bird, occupation and so on.

Once you finish your profile, you can start to take surveys. The surveys cover various topics from sports, medicine and home appliances, etc. Most people can complete the review within a minute.  The more reports you take, the more money you will earn.

Opinion Outpost will send the new survey to your email. You need to answer preliminary questions to see whether you are qualified for the study or not. Many people complain that they are not receiving enough review of the need. To receive more consideration, you need to complete your bio correctly. You also need to answer your email as soon as possible. If you are not actively taking the survey for more than three months, your account will be deleted.

Opinion Outpost Reward system

Unlike other paid survey companies, Opinion Outpost offers a different reward for all its members. The award includes:

  • You will receive a certain amount of points for each survey that you have taken. You can redeem your location to cash when you hit the withdrawal limit. Your money can be withdrawn in a cheque. You can also withdraw your money to your PayPal account. Withdraw some cash to PayPal is more comfortable, safer, and quicker than any other withdrawal method. Unlike other similar companies that impose high cash withdrawal limit, the cash withdrawal limit for Outpost Opinion is only $10 or equivalent to 100 points.
  • Gift Card. Opinion Outpost also allows its members to redeem their earnings for Amazon and iTunes Gift Card. To get your Gift Card, you need to have 60 points or $5.  You also can donate your location to American Red Cross as Opinion Outpost work in partnership with them
  • Earn more with Lucky winner. Every time you finish your survey, you have a chance to win $ 10.000, lucky winner. The more reviews you take, the more chance you will win the prize.

Your demographic affect your earning

Many Opinions outpost members believe that your demographic affects your earnings significantly. If you live in certain countries, for example, you may not receive as many surveys as you may expect. To inform you that Opinion outpost conducts a review based on customer order. If no customer wants to do a study on your country or region, most likely that you’re earning will be affected.

Opinion outpost will give you some preliminary questions before you can continue your survey. This initial question will determine whether you are qualifying for the study or not. However, you still need to answer the preliminary question genuinely as Opinion Outpost can easily detect where you live,

Who can join Opinion outpost?

Opinion Outpost is only available in certain countries. Before you sign-up, it will be better to check whether your country is on the list or not. In other countries, Opinion Outpost may be known differently. However, it is still opinion outpost. If you live in Germany, for example, Opinion outpost is known as MeninungsOrt. The name of Opinion Outpost is only used in certain countries such as Canada, USA, and the UK. If you live in the following country you may be eligible to join Opinion Outpost:

  • Bulgaria
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Philippine
  • Kenya
  • Jamaica
  • Kuwait

Opinion Outpost Customer service

There are many scams paid survey sites out there that you need to avoid. We have mentioned earlier that before you sign up any survey site, you have to make sure that the site is legitimate and not a scam. Authentic survey site usually has real customer service that can be contacted.

Opinion Outpost has Helpdesk is real, In case you have a problem, you can send an email, and they will answer your inquiry. You can call Opinion Outpost customer service in this number: 1-877-254-1234

Opinion Outpost most Common Complaint

Just like any other paid survey service, There is some common complaint about Opinion Outpost. Some Opinion outpost members said that they had not received enough survey they need. Some members also complained that they are not qualified for the survey after answering a preliminary question.

Members of another survey site also face similar problems. Before you join any survey site, you need to have an appropriate expectation so that you will not be disappointed. In most cases, the company sponsoring the survey is looking for specific survey participant. So, when you answer preliminary questions, and you are not qualified for the survey, there is nothing you can do about it. In this case, you need to be patient and wait for another study that you may qualify for. People who want to earn more money, usually they will join more than one survey site.

Opinion Outpost Pros

People can choose different paid surveys available in the market. Each survey company has its advantages and disadvantages. More and more people join Opinion outpost, as this particular survey company offers many benefits such as:

  • Opinion Outpost provides the best reward system. The member of Opinion outpost can choose a survey based on the point they want to earn. The point reward for each survey is between 5 points to 50 points. If you take a study with 50 points, you can redeem directly to an Amazon gift card or iTunes gift card. If you want to withdraw money to your PayPal account, you need to complete two surveys. This is the best payment system in a paid survey as you will never find any paid survey company that offers such a large and fast payment system.
  • Most people have a problem with their survey company as they cannot get regular surveys they need. Opinion Outpost is different, even though you will receive a regular email for review, you also still able to get some additional income. If you want to take more surveys, you can go to the website and make some studies on offer. By doing so, you will be able to research without a break. The more surveys you choose, the more money you will earn.
  • In terms of reward delivery, there is no doubt that Opinion Outpost is the best company that delivers their reward quickly. In many cases, you can receive your reward within a few hours.
  • Opinion Outpost also offers a reward for its member who refers to their family or friends. If your referred friends to take a survey, you will receive $1.

Outpost Opinion cons

Just like other paid survey company, Opinion outpost is far from perfect. There are many cons that you need to know, such as:

  • Opinion Outpost will send a preliminary email to its members. So, you need to be ready with many emails in your inbox. It seems like spam, but it is how Opinion Outpost works.
  • Opinion Outpost indeed has a multiple reward system. However, many other survey sites offer more reward systems.
  • Opinion Outpost doesn’t have a mobile app. I believe that most Opinion Outpost members have mobile phones. It would be helpful if Opinion Outpost has a mobile app that enables its members to answer the survey through a mobile app.
  • The Opinion outpost website looks outdated. The management should know that first impression is significant. They should change their website template to something new, fresher, and updated.

Is Opinion Outpost legit or scam?

So, is Opinion Outpost scam? The answer is no. It is a legitimate paid survey site that spends all its members. If you want to have some additional income, joining Opinion Outpost is highly recommended. This particular paid survey site has run the business form more that decade. Opinion Outpost also has loyal customers. When you search on the internet, you will find many people happy with the service given.

However, some people also said that Opinion Outpost service is not as excellent as used to be. This particular opinion is quite alarming for Opinion outpost management. They need to improve their service so that they can maintain the best service that most customers need.

As you can see from the Alexa ranking, the number of visitors is dropping significantly. This doesn’t mean that Opinion outpost is a scam or doesn’t pay their members. Many experts believe that Opinion outpost payment is not as high as before. As most members want to earn more, they may leave Opinion outpost for other survey sites that offer more reward.

We do not know what happens inside Opinion outpost. If the owner of this survey site wants to keep their loyal members, I believe that they should increase the reward. By doing so, all the members will be happy, and they will stick with Opinion Outpost.

Why should you try Opinion Outpost?

We have mentioned earlier that you can find many survey sites out there that you can choose. Every survey site has its advantages and disadvantages. Opinion Outpost is the best survey site that you need to join. Here are the reasons why you need to try Opinion Outpost:

  • In terms of reward delivery, Opinion outpost is the fastest paid survey site that delivers its reward to the customers. We have explained earlier that when you finish your two surveys which are equivalent to 50 points, you can cash it out right away. You will never find any survey sites that deliver their reward as fast as Opinion outpost do.
  • You have nothing to lose as joining Opinion outpost is free. You may find other paid survey sites out there that charge their members for sign-up.
  • Opinion Outpost has the best customer rating among other survey sites in the market.

Joining a paid survey is always recommended, especially for those who want to have a side income. There are many survey sites out there that you can choose. However, you need to find the best survey site that relay will pay you for the survey that you have taken.

You have read in-depth Opinion outpost review. I hope that this unbiased review will give you a better insight into Opinion outpost. If you find this review useful, please share it with your social media so that more and more people will get benefit from it.

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