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Taking some time to do some research before buying a product that is often talked about is important. Especially when it claims you to offer that you can gain some money or profit, and in this opportunity, we will discuss a lot about Optavia review and whether or not that Optavia complaints determines its legality?

Maybe you are already familiar with the name of Optavia, especially if you are looking for products which can lose your excessive weight and replace your meal to make your body healthier. No wonder if you really into this product after you learn the claim.

The problem comes when you realize how expensive it is for loose weight supplements. Also, you may be questioning why this company also offers you a chance to gain some money online. Is it really legit or a scam? Thank God, you are in the right place to deep dive this kind of information.

Before we talk more about how this company works and why the rumor spills, we need to take a look at the background of this company.

Hold your breath because it is more likely to be more complicated than what you expected.

Optavia used to be built between 2016 to 2017 with the original name was “Take Shape for Life” that was made years before, between 2000 to 2003. It is proven by searching Take Shape for Life via a search engine, and it will automatically direct you to Optavia’s web page.

There is no tangible difference between Optavia and Take Shape for Life because both of them provide the same services and products. You will find the difference only when you dig deeper into both of their backgrounds. It turns out, Optavia is an independent corporation compare to Take Shape for Life that is classified as an affiliation to another institution named Medifast.

Medifast became very well-known institution around the 1980s as a high-quality company which sold weight loss product. While on the other hand, both Optavia and Take Shape for Life also are classified as subsidiaries of Medifast.

Go back to 1980, William Vitale established Medifast. It was started by his development of a diet formula for all his patients that were sold to other doctors.

These other doctors turned out also prescribing it to their patients.

Decades later, 2002 to be exact, was the time when Bradley T Macdonald and dr. Wayne S Andersen established Take Shape for Life as an offshoot beneath Medifast which the function formulated and implemented a system for a personal coach for clients. They had tagline “habits of the health system” to be proof of their commitment to bring betterment of health for as many people as possible.

Besides the most popular product which is food replacement to alter your substantial primary meal (including shakes, bars, brownies, mac and cheese, pancake), they also offer service which is community and coaching system. And this is a little bit problematic.

Everybody knows if losing weight is a tricky thing that needs resilience on each step of it. That is why the coaching system provided by any institution is really important to be checked the accountability and credibility.

Optavia has created a coaching system dedicated to members who have the concern to help each other to achieve the losing weight target. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have any flaw in the system itself, and that is one of the controversial signs why people consider it as a scam.

business opportunity

Optavia calls health coaches distributors, but they are just the sponsor or upline, somebody who brings you to understand the product and to be specific in the business opportunity. Unfortunately, they are not really qualified. All of their knowledge is given only in a short period of time, around three months. This is important to ensure their skills before guiding the clients.

Probably this training is considered a good thing because they don’t guide you blindly without any clue. But, the term “health coach” is misleading most of the familiar people who think that this person is a certified nutritionist or physician, things like that.

Talking about community, especially for everyone who has a goal to cut certain kilograms, needs to get a supportive environment that will help, support, and keep every member accountable. And Optavia wants to build such a kind environment like that.

Variety ways to support the members, including nutrition support, video conference, focus group, virtual help, and many more. For most people, it has valuable meaning as a companion every time they feel lonely or want to give up in the middle of the process. No wonder if each finds their strength and courage inside this group of people who can strongly motivate them. Something which sometimes cannot be done by other close parties like families, relatives, or best friends.

This part probably is classified into one of the most significant advantages in joining Optavia, which can’t be gotten from any other place.

The other essential component aside from health coach, habits of the health system, and Octavia community are fuelings. Don’t get confused by another meaning of fueling. In this context, fuelings mean a term to explain meal replacement like what we mention at the beginning of this review.

There are more than 50 choices you can choose these feelings. All of them are claimed scientifically proven because of their corporate and medical backing.

Several examples of their promises to the consumers that are worth noting:

  • Probiotic which supports you to have a better and healthier digestive system
  • High-quality protein which can withstand lean your muscle mass
  • Able to fulfill your 20% necessity of daily mineral and vitamin
  • High fiber with low sugar and carbohydrate
  • Doesn’t consist of imitated flavor, sweetener, color, or preservation
  • Gluten-free
  • No GMO

All of these details are delivered in a pretty unique business model that doesn’t follow the usual rule of traditional MLM. If what we familiar with the MLM model is all about direct selling and network marketing, they have the opposite system. They depend on their members who are known as independent distributors to advertise these products.

Meaning, you cannot buy Optavia products straightly from regular shops like drugstore or department store. On the opposite, you can purchase it only from official distributors.

Am I feeling interested in joining this distributor? You have to allocate a budget up to 199 USD before you have the right to promote the products and receive the compensation.

Probably it is too often to hear that many MLM corporations out there are considered as a fraud based on their illegitimate system. But, it doesn’t always be like that. Don’t easily underestimate MLM because not all of them are a scam.

Then, how about Optavia itself?

Optavia’s business model can be classified as unique and not mainstream; one of the reasons is because of the compensation plan.

The most common reward plan for ubiquitous MLM institutions is including. Fist, discounts that are given for any distributor on each product’s orders they get and let them get a retail salary. Second, they will get paid by recruiting new member with the amount is linear with the number of the member they can enroll.

Surprisingly, none of them becomes Optavia’s MLM system.

No matter your status, which is a distributor or not, you will receive the same price of every product. Even more, becoming distributors don’t mean they will get compensation for every effort to get a recruit.

If so, how we can get a fee and how this money making institution works?

First thing first, you have to buy a special kit of health coach business that will charge you for 199 USD before you can get the privilege to gain some commission from Optavia. This kit mostly talks about basic training and marketing knowledge for you to ease the further process. Remember, it is mandatory. You will automatically be a health coach of Optavia afterward.

From this initial system also can be concluded that a health coach is not your health practitioner expert.

To gain profit from Optavia’s complaints, you have three options. Health coach income means that your fee is gotten from supporting clients. Business coach income is about supporting building teams and coaches. Lastly, business leader income is for leading and establishing an organization.

Supporting clients are counted from several products you can sell to your downline. The percentage depends on how much you able to gather total revenue.

The more you sell, the more you get paid.

That is the reason why you get nothing for recruiting new people because the rule is counting the purchase products. At some point, it feels fairer because you won’t be trapped in the vicious cycle of attracting people to join this system like almost all of MLM companies out there. It also reduces the possibility of Optavia implement a pyramid scheme.

The more your revenue and downline increase, the more you advance the rank. It means you can elevate your game to be a mentor for any other health coaches to help them gain more success. And you will get money for establishing a successful group of coaches.

Every time you reach the rank of regional director and assist your downline to get a new rank as executive director, you will be granted business leader income. The concept is you will receive a salary when you can develop leadership among your team.

The path is like this. You start your experience in Optavia as a client first. Then, you elevate your status to be a coach. After that, you will be considered to liven up the level when you are a success to be a leader and assist more member in achieving their new rank. Simple as that.

Based on all of these explanations, now you can characterize good and bad points on joining this institution.

The first good point is a trustworthy company background. From Medifast, a well-known weight loss company since 1980, Optavia gets its own reputation from its health-related products.

Second, Optavia has a better compensation plan than most of similar. MLM company due to their straightforward rules, no overwhelming enrollment, and more focus to help others. While many MLM is only concerned about how many recruits today, Optavia offers something freshly new not to be selfish with personal target/

If you feel disappointed with their products or services, you can ask for a refund for the maximum period is 30 days. There is no guarantee that everyone will like the taste of this food replacement product. That is why the refund system is essential, to begin with.

Evil thoughts always follow good things. The first thing you have to deal with is the extremely high price of the products. It because you can’t buy it in pieces. Instead, you have to order it in the package.

These packages will charge you three to four hundred dollars for the cheapest one.

It is a 30 days package, meaning that you have to buy it over and over for every month. And it is way more expensive than gym membership or another weight loss program.

Second and maybe the most annoying thing is the fact that they don’t give you a professional, trusted coach. They are just an independent distributor who tries to gain profit from sharing product knowledge. And it is misleading so many people who receive information from the advertisement.

The next thing is about taste. Yes, for some of you, it is a minor element. But, we can’t deny the fact that many people complain about the weird feeling. Last but not least is sustainability. You can lose your weight by limiting the food you take. But it is not sustainable unless you balance it with proper exercise. That is why you need to consider everything before making weight loss products.

Based on those conclusions, now it is your turn to determine whether or not that Optavia’s complaints are worth trying.

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