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We are going to talk about the WorldVenture review to find a business opportunity as we know that there are so many ways to earn money from various businesses. World Ventures looks so attractive to overview. Therefore, if you want to know World Ventures scam or not, you slightly need to read the world venture review. Iis world venture scam? You can find it here and learn it more.

What is World Ventures?

World Ventures was first found by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent in 2005. It is a travel-based MLM company, and they claim that they belong to the most trustworthy brand in the direct sales industry. World Ventures offers everybody to have the opportunity to explore the world. According to the company, everybody who is willing to join the program will have a chance to get the compensation plan. Will you get paid by traveling around the world?

For your information, World Ventures is currently operating in more than 20 countries, and they already have more than 100000 representatives all around the world. In this business, you will see two sides, and they are World Ventures representative membership and dream trips membership. Somehow, each country may have its different name, and there is also a recruitment side and holiday package.

Is DreamTrops membership worth it?

When you take the Dreamtrips membership, then you have a chance to get access to the newest vacation package, and there are more than 50 destinations to select. This package attracts adrenaline seekers and holidaymakers.

On the other hand, Wolrd Venture also claims that they are number one in the world of the vacation industry. Thus, everybody can join the business opportunity, but the members have to pay it monthly to earn affordable deals for hotels and save money. There are two options of membership, either Gold or Platinum membership. If you live in the US, you need to pay for $249 for the start-up fee while you have to pay a monthly cost of about $54. It is costly to join this program anyway.

When you decide to join the membership, you basically can only use the fellowship to get cheap accommodation and hotels. Meanwhile, you will not get a cheap flight ticket with this membership. So, you have to book your flight ticket, which is quite expensive. We would instead call the DreapTrips membership as DreamAccommodation membership.

As we know that flight is a crucial part when you go for a holiday.

Moreover, this is not the only problem you find in the program. Another issue that you may not like is that you cannot even see the price of the deal unless you sign up for the World Venture and join the membership. Of course, it makes you confused to know if the contract is affordable or not. Also, when you want to travel to a particular destination, you need to join a group, so you have to choose the date. We have no idea whether it is a good thing for you or a bad thing.

There is another problem related to the refund policy. Some other companies offer a one-month refund policy while World Ventures only gives you three days. Now, we realize why there are so many people who are trying to make money with it. Somehow, you can find some free companies that offer better deals. So, will you still join World Ventures at a high price?

Not only that, even though World Ventures offers cheap deals on hotels and accommodations, you also need to think twice because the monthly fee is too costly. For these reasons, we assume that it is not easy to build a business with World Ventures in which you need to push it so hard for the sells. Anyway, let us find more information in this World Venture review.

Can you make money with World Ventures?

If you check their persuasive words, it seems so promising. You are invited to join the World Venture program just in case you hate your current job and need a journey. They also say that you can be your boss and work wherever you are to earn some rewards such as vacations and cars.

Of course, everybody who reads these words will be attracted to join it. But, it is essential to find out if the offer is genuine. Just like other kinds of MLM programs, World Ventures also offers you a way to earn money, but you have to work hard to promote their DreamTrips membership to others and then you also must recruit new members to become your downlines.

Do you think that it is easy to get downlines? Well, some so many members have tried to get members, but they do not even succeed. Also, World Ventures never claim that you can get a lot of money in a short time. They also do not say that you can be a millionaire with World Venture in just one month.

You also have to know that you will always deal with a monthly fee, especially for the representative business system. WV seems to requires its representatives to pay out to be able to earn a commission by promoting the membership program. Well, how much does it cost? In general, when you join the WV for the first time, you need to pay $99.95, including the taxes. After that, you must pay the monthly fee as much as $19.99 per month. This fee is for the US members, and it may vary depending on where you live. Somehow, it is not good because you have to pay for the company where you work for them.

How to make money with World Ventures?

Perhaps, you wonder how many people who can make money with World Ventures? We will give the answers that it is only less than 5%. The fact shows that more than 90% of the members fail and they only waste their time and money with it.

Indeed, it may be caused by several factors despite WV offers cheap hotels, but not flight tickets. Meanwhile, you can find some more competitive deals on the other portals without being a member. Let assume that you already become the part of WV member. Then, you will get confused with the commission structure. Even when you watch the explanation in the video for hours, you may not understand how you can get the commission. We assume that they make it look difficult so that any representatives would go through a series of hoops to fulfill the criteria. Suppose WV wants to help anybody earn money, they must make the explanation as simple as possible.

Is Word Ventures a pyramid scheme?

Now, we come with the question of whether WV belongs to a pyramid scheme or not. After seeing the explanation above, you should notice that World Ventures is a part of a pyramid scheme. In this case, you have to recruit people to get paid and build your tree as we know that this kind of business is not a good one, and many people hate the pyramid scheme system.

You can still find many other ways to earn money without feeling challenging to recruit people and harass your friends and family just for sale. We know that you do not wish to be part of this kind of business. As you join WV, you will be asked to put your family members and friends on the list for your first target. The basic structure of this program is to get recruits. Since you have paid it, you finally dare to sign your friends and family to join the program in which you trap them in the system.

You have to say to your recruits that they can make money with the program, although it is just a lie. We know that any members at the bottom of a chain will always lose money while the top member or the leader will earn money from the activity of their downline. If you want to make money a lot, you must be the senior person and be a leader. With this system, World Venture has made many people lose their money until finally, some countries ban this company due to many cases. So, you have to think twice before you are trapped in the pyramid scheme.

What are the pros and cons of World Ventures?

In this World Ventures review, we cannot always say the bad things about it, but we also need to know a few good things about World Ventures. So, you may consider these following pros and cons of World Ventures.

What makes you like it?

  • World Ventures offers exciting products where you can join the company to have a fun travel.
  • Even though it has a complicated commission structure, but it seems that the compensation plan has great potential to earn some real money.
  • World Venture is not a fake company, and it has real products in which DreamTrips travel is just genuine and unique.
  • The members can get cheap deals for hotels and other accommodations.

What makes you hate it?

  • It is too expensive to join for the first time
  • You need to pay a monthly fee, which is also still costly.
  • It has a complicated commission structure
  • It belongs to a pyramid scheme
  • You do not get cheap deals for flight ticket
  • WV was banned in some countries due to some cases
  • There is no way to be a millionaire with WV.

Is World Ventures a scam or legit?

Well, we cannot say that WorldVentures is a scam because it offers real products and it was running since many years ago. Let us say it is legitimate, but it is still difficult to earn money with World Ventures because it is a pyramid scheme. The only way to make money from World Ventures is to sell their DreamTrips membership. In this case, you have to build your tree and get some recruits. If you are only a member, you will only get some cheap deals for hotels and accommodation.

We know that there are so many people who have joined Wolrd Ventures, but there are only 5% who can earn money from the program. Somehow, it is all your decision whether you want to be part of WV membership.

Are there complaints from members?

Any MLM businesses always deal with customers or member’s complaints. You will also find some complaints from the WV membership. What are the common objections? Well, many people do not like WV because they assume that it is not comfortable for individual travelers to get good deals. Another member says that WV does not only provide cheap deals because some online portals even offer more competitive deals than World Ventures. Next, some people also complain that World Venture only takes their money instead of giving their money.

Should be a World Venture representative?

If you have no idea how to join a good job, you should not take your risk to join World Ventures. There are still many other jobs with better income. Being part of World Venture for earning money is the wrong choice because it is not free to join. However, you still have your own decision just in case you wonder how this company works.

In conclusion, is World Ventures a scam? Well, that’s all about World Ventures review which you want to know. We can say that World Ventures is not a scam, but it is not an excellent way to earn money. World Ventures is very expensive to join; that’s why we do not like it. Besides, you also need to pay a monthly fee that is also quite expensive. It also still belongs to a pyramid scheme where you can only earn money if you can recruit members.

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