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Have you ever heard about Young Living or read about Young Living Review on the internet? If you did, or this is the first time for you to read, then I will say that it is a great start for you before deciding whether you want to join this company or not.

Young Living as any other MLM company or pyramid-scheme company, they sell both products and business opportunity to people. Like any other multi-level marketing company, Young Living positioned their products are secondary to the business opportunity. But of course, you cannot separate the two of them. Then, does young living a scam or not? We will discuss it below.

About Young Living Company

Like any other multi-level companies who sell a product with exorbitant prices compared to products from a well-known company, they always claim their superiority against other products. You can find it very easy in other MLM products such as Youngevity review who sells health supplements or Younique review who sells skincare products. It is no different from Young Living.

My first Young Living Review will start from the background of the company. Dr. Gary Young founded this company and based in Lehi, Utah. The operation of the company business began in 1993. Considering the company’s experience for almost three decades, we can conclude that Young Living is not a scam and legit company.

In the first year of the establishment, this company was running by the CEO and the founder Dr. Gary Young until his death in May 2018. At this moment, the CEO of the company is held by Mary Young, who was Gary Young’s wife.

The flagship products of the company are its essential oils. They also made a wide variety of items, including personal care, household, and beauty products. All these items are infused with the essential oils. You can see the list of their products below.

Young Living Listing Products

The company sells pure essential oils along with damaged items of oil blends. This wide variety of products means that the distributors will have no shortage of choices to offer to potential customers. To this point, you will think that selling Young Living products will be easy, except for their high price. You need extra effort to make your sales.

Here are the products:

1. Single oils

Young Living offers for about 82 different oils for different functions and purposes. You only need to opt for single oils that fit you better.

2. Oil blends

Young Living also offers essential oils in the form of 84 types of oil blends. Oil blends products are products that are mixed with essential oils.

3. Personal care

This company is offering many personal care products. Of course, they claim that essential oils have infused all these own care products. There are handwash, bar soap, dental floss, toothpaste, moisturizer, tablets, lotion, and many more. They even sell makeup products just like in Younique review.

4. Home cleaning

Not only personal care products, but you will also able to get home cleaning products such as dish soap, dishwasher powder, household cleaners, veggie spray, and so on.

5. Dietary essential oils, massage oils, and roll-ons for better scent

6. Kids products

Although in my Young Living Review, I will not discuss their kid’s products, for your more in-depth information I will give you a list of these MLM products. Kids’ products range from oil blends to aid sleep, chewable tablets, shampoo, products to help digestions problem to the runny or stuffed nose.

7. Nutritional supplements

Some nutritional supplements are being offered, such as meal replacement shakes, vitamins, probiotic for healthier digestions to supplement drinks.

8. Accessories and diffusers

This company also provides some accessories such as diffusers to spread the essential oil scent through the whole room.

Problems about the Products

I will not say those essential oil products from Young Living scam or real, but there is some problems history about these products though. Although many customers stated that they had felt many differences after tried essential oil, we cannot blindfold ourselves with an FDA letter sent to Young Living in 2014.

FDA or United States Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to Young Living and doTerra in connection with bold claims told by the distributors about the function of their essential oils. The problem is until right now, there are no research results from an independent organization that can prove their bold claims.

Of course, we cannot blame Young Living about this letter considering that the distributors made the claims, or doTerra as a Young Living distributor company. But the letter sent by FDA in 2014 was so severe because the distributors were brave enough, or I would say crazy, to claim the essential oil function as a cure, treatment, prevention, and mitigation for many diseases.

Young Living essential oil

They claimed that Young Living essential oils could cure Parkinson’s disease, cancer, heart disease, PTSD, hypertension, insomnia, autism, and many more. Of course, this is a severe Young Living scam made by the distributor on their sales websites. They even promote that Young Living essential oil able to heal viral infections such as ebola.

This is very danger claims when any product which is not designed as medicine was promoted and distributed as medicine to severe disease. The worse is, people who promote this product do not even have extensive training or adequate knowledge about health issues.

Considering the exorbitant price of the products, we can understand why the distributors are willing to spread misinformation to the public. Yes, they want to make as many sales as they can by luring people with magical cures of the essential oils.

Since then, the distributors are prohibited from creating false information to the public. They are instructed by the company to use more general term correlated with increasing body soundness like restore balance, support body system, or enhance the immune system.

Is It Worth to Join Young Living?

Now we will discuss the Young Living business opportunity offered by this MLM company. As I stated from the very beginning, that this company is an MLM business to its very core, you will find no different MLM business scheme from the usual MLM company. Yes, my Young Living review doesn’t state that this company is a scam, but this company is not worthy enough to make money with.

Of course, you can make money by selling the products of this company (or retailer). However, since Young Living is an MLM company, the most prominent channel you can make money with is by recruiting people to join this company.

To become a Young Living distributor so you can retail Young Living products to other people, you need to opt what kind of distributor categories you want to join. There are two kinds of distributor categories offered by Young Living:

1. Independent distributor as Business

To become an independent distributor as a business, you need to buy a premium starter kit which price is ranging from $150 to $170. The most popular one to choose will cost you $165. What will you get with this price? By purchasing $165 starter kit, you will get thieves vitality 5 ml, peppermint vitality 5 ml, lavender 5 ml, other premium essential oils and a desert mist diffuser.

The company will also give you product guides, training, sample products, and marketing resources. The step is not to stop here. Next, they will force you to meet the $50 purchase requirement per month to stay active as an independent distributor as a business.

If you become an independent distributor as a business, you will qualify for bonuses and commissions. You can also buy the products at wholesale prices.

2. Independent distributor as customer

If you want to be an independent distributor as a customer, you only able to retail Young Living essential oil products but not qualify for bonuses and commissions. So this is a simple retail business only. To become an independent distributor as the customer, you need to buy a premium starter kit which price is ranging from $150 to $170. The most popular one to choose will cost you $165, just like independent distributor as a business.

By purchasing a $165 starter kit, you will get thieves vitality 5 ml, peppermint vitality 5 ml, lavender 5 ml, other premium essential oils and a desert mist diffuser. By becoming an independent distributor as the customer, you can buy a product at a wholesale price. Therefore, many people who join independent distributors as customer those who only want to purchase merchandise at a lower price without thinking about getting profit.

To stay active as an independent distributor as a customer, you need to meet the $50 purchase requirement per year. So this requirement is lighter than becoming an independent distributor as a business.

The Things You Need to Consider Before Join Young Living to Make Money

There are things you should ask yourself before becoming an independent distributor as a business in Young Living. You should ask yourself the reason why you want to join this MLM company. I will help you to breakdown these three critical questions:

  1. Do you want to join this MLM company because you feel satisfied with the essential oil products, so you want to buy products at a lower price (wholesale price)?
  2. Or you interest in joining this MLM company because your sponsor told you to join because you can get rich quickly in a natural way?
  3. Or is this kind of MLM business is your passion? Like building a team of people and selling a product to others.

Yes, I know there are more other reasons why people want to join this MLM business. But I want to emphasis you for placing the right purposes to become a Young Living independent distributor, either as customers or business.

MLM scheme-company

If you join this MLM business for the wrong purposes while you don’t have a clear image on your mindset about this business, you will be among the 95% people fail in MLM. I don’t point this 95% for Young Living MLM only, but this happens for people who join other MLM scheme-company.

You can see in many MLM companies, a vast majority of people will end up not making money at all. This is why many people labeled Young Living as a scam on the internet.

There are two ways to earn money with Young Living Essential Oils. First by the retail commission which I have already explained. Second, by recruitment commission.

Number two is just an ordinary scheme to earn money that you will get in other MLM companies. You need to recruit people as your downline. The person you hire will be your team. When your team makes sales, you can make money from the commissions and bonuses based on compensation plans. Notice that the compensation plan is very over-complex to understand. The compensation plan does not only depend on the number of your team members, but of course, will strongly depend on your rank.

The reason why it is hard to earn money from Young Living

1. The price

The price of the product is very high. Sometimes you will think that this price is very absurd and non-logic. Compare to other products that offer the same quantity and function, and the price is profoundly different. Therefore, many people will prefer to choose a much cheaper alternative product.

2. Leads

To earn more money, or at least to get your money back from joining this MLM, you have to recruit other people. Yes, maybe you can succeed by hiring your family, your friend and maybe your neighbor. Then who else you can recruit? You cannot try the traditional method of network marketing. You have to build the right people for your team. The people who have the same mindset as you and it is very hard, of course.

Just like many other MLM companies, the vast majority of people ended up losing money instead of earning money. But of course this all will depend on your side, whether you have very good motivational and ability to run MLM business, maybe you will get more profit.

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